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250+ Insurance Letter Templates

Below are the CategoriesTitles and a Brief Description of each letter.

There’s nothing like a first impression—but sometimes it takes a little more than a mere introduction to impress a potential client. Analysts estimate that it takes between four and seven contacts to connect with a client and make a sale. After all, a sale is not an event, but a process. Let this series of introduction letters work for you to demonstrate to your potential client why you are the best choice for his/her insurance needs.

  1. Allow Me To Introduce Myself – Introduce yourself to new prospects. Let them know that you are local, highly respected, and that you believe in providing personal service now, and well into the future.
  2. Results You Can Count On – Let your clients and prospects know that your knowledge, experience, and dedication always generate successful results.
  3. Someone Who Understands – Lets the prospective client know you understand the value they place on the elements that make up their life. Your empathy means you’ll go the extra mile to make sure they’re taken care of.
  4. The Advantage You Deserve – Lets the recipient know that you offer the experience and the resources necessary to provide your clients with the many advantages that are critical to their success.
  5. The Kind Of Agent You Are Looking For – Introduces you to the prospect by informing them you’re providing a service, not just selling a product. Mentions that you joined this profession because you want to help people.
  6. The Perfect Choice – Remind prospects that insurance transactions are too complicated to undertake without the services of a professional. List the services you provide that make you the perfect choice.
  7. You Ask—I Deliver – Assure prospects that you are dedicated to producing quick results while meeting their needs. Point out that your skills were refined through years of experience and that experience gives your clients an inside advantage.
  8. Your Insurance Advantage – Remind clients that retaining you as their insurance professional will give them an advantage because the personal service you provide goes beyond the call of duty.
  9. You’re In Experienced Hands – Explains how you will guide your client throughout the duration of the process.

One of the most important yet tricky aspects of the insurance business is letting prospects know there’s a new agent in town. When you’re introducing yourself, you want to display enthusiasm while making clear that you have all the tools needed to perform at the highest of levels. These letters introduce you in way that instills confidence in the prospect that enlisting your services will allow them to achieve the best possible results. With letters individually tailored to every situation, you’ll be certain to find just the letter you need to begin building your client base right away.

  1. New Agent Announcement (General) 1 – It’s official: you’re a licensed agent and it’s time to share the news! Introduces you to the recipient and includes your contact information.
  2. New Agent Announcement (General) 2 – Explains that you’ve joined a new firm and that you’re thrilled to have the opportunity to offer your services. Establishes you as an agent with expertise.
  3. New Agent Announcement (General) 3 – Advises the prospect that you are a dynamic new agent with all the knowledge and skills to get them the results they want.
  4. New Agent Announcement (General) 4 – Announces with great pleasure your affiliation with [COMPANY NAME] as their newest agent.
  5. New Agent Announcement (Warm Market) 1– Announces to friends, family, neighbors and acquaintances that you are now a licensed insurance agent, and lets them know that they can feel confident placing their trust in you.
  6. New Agent Announcement (Warm Market) 2– Informs your warm market that you’re now fully licensed in your new profession and ready to begin providing the pinnacle of service to your clients.
  7. Moving To A New Firm – Informs client of your move to a new firm and provides him/her with all of your new contact information. Demonstrates your desire to maintain contact with the client and your ongoing commitment to providing excellent service.

The auto insurance industry is fiercely competitive, and if you want to convert prospects into policyholders, you must stand apart from the competition! These letters can help you to do just that; you will be introduced as an agent who cares about both saving the client money and in preserving his/her best interests! This is an excellent series that will help you to earn the trust of your prospects and to connect with him/her on a professional level.

  1. Affordable Car Insurance For Teenagers – Offer prospects your experience and knowledge to help them make sure their teen driver is adequately covered at the most affordable price possible—give them one less worry as their new driver hits the road!
  2. Annual Maintenance—Are You Over Or Under-Insured – Motorists take care of their cars by making sure they are regularly maintained. But if they haven’t had an annual review of their auto insurance policy, they’ve overlooked a significant component of that annual maintenance. Invite prospects to meet with you for a free, no-obligation review to make sure they aren’t over or under-insured.
  3. Be A Wise Consumer: How You Can Know Your Policy Is Right For You – Invite prospects to a free information session to give them the information they need to be wise consumers and know that their auto insurance policy is the right one for them—one with the coverage they need at a price they can afford.
  4. Comprehensive Auto Insurance – More Than Just Repairing Accident Damage – Auto insurance is about more than just repairing vehicle damage. Use this letter to make prospects aware of the significant costs they could face without a comprehensive policy, and offer your expertise in helping them to evaluate additional coverage options to make a wise insurance investment.
  5. Consolidate Your Insurance Policies For Big Savings – Let prospects know about the significant savings they can achieve by consolidating their insurance policies with your company. Offer your services to guide them through the full process and get them on the road to considerable savings in money, time, and effort.
  6. Don’t Let An Accident Wreck Your Life – Advises the prospective client that the financial costs of an accident can far exceed the minimum coverage required by law. Lets them know what they need to be concerned about and how you can help them choose the level of coverage that’s right for them.
  7. Driving Without Insurance Is A Dangerous Gamble – Playing the odds of driving without insurance can be a dangerous and costly gamble. This letter allows you to share some important statistics with prospects and offer your services as a ‘sure bet’ for getting the information they need to make an informed decision about protecting their financial and property assets in the event of an accident.
  8. Every 14 Seconds An Auto Injury Occurs—Are You Properly Covered? – Over 3 million people are injured each year in auto accidents. The medical cost associated with these injuries exceeds two hundred billion dollars. This letter prompts your insureds and prospects to consider their coverage limits.
  9. Just Down The Road – When an auto accident occurs clients don’t appreciate the added stress of being handed off to unknown strangers in remote claims departments. Assure your clients that you will be there for them if the worst happens and they are involved in an accident.
  10. Let Us Reward Your Good Driving Record – Should motorists with excellent driving records be paying the same insurance rates as those with less than stellar records? Let prospects know about the savings your company can offer to reward their good driving record.
  11. Local Coverage / Local Service—There When You Need Us – The last thing a motorist needs after being involved in an accident is to have to deal with a distant, faceless insurance company. Let prospects know the difference local coverage and local service can make in their time of need.
  12. Looking To Cut Your Auto Insurance Costs—We Can Help! – Auto insurance is mandatory for car registration yet most insureds complain about the rising cost of premiums. This letter offers help to those seeking a reduction of their auto insurance expense.
  13. Passing The Competition – Prospects are wary of speaking with auto insurance agents for fear they will be subjected to aggressive sales pitches. This letter introduces you and assures the prospect that you are different.
  14. Paving The Way – Clients as well as prospects often have more than one insurance agent, one for auto, another for homeowner’s, and another for life insurance. This letter reminds them that you write auto insurance and will keep their best interests in mind.
  15. Protect Yourself From Uninsured Motorists – Although auto insurance may be required by state law and to purchase or lease a vehicle, one in every four motorists may be uninsured and many more under-insured. Use this letter to inform your prospects of the importance of adding relatively inexpensive coverage to their auto insurance policy to protect themselves against uninsured and under-insured drivers.
  16. Save On Auto Insurance – Every insured thinks about saving money on premiums while maintaining adequate coverage. In this letter, you offer to go the extra mile in finding the most economical auto policy for your client.
  17. Think You Are Uninsurable – Policies For High-Risk Drivers – Many people have less than stellar driving records, and drivers can be classified as high-risk for a number of reasons. Many may think they are uninsurable. Use this letter to let high-risk prospects know that you can meet their needs at the most affordable price possible and may even be able to qualify them for discounts if their driving record stays clean.
  18. What I Can Do For You – Informs potential clients that enlisting you as their agent can save them an enormous amount of time and money. Details how you can evaluate comparative policies to find them the best coverage for the best price.

A home is the single most important possession of any individual, and homeowners consider the protection of that asset to be of utmost importance. Convincing a homeowner that you’re the insurance agent he/she needs can be a difficult endeavor—but it doesn’t have to be! With these specially crafted letters, you will be able to initiate contact with a potential prospect and follow through all the way to the signing of a new policy.

  1. A Foundation Of Security – A home’s foundation is more than bricks and mortar. That foundation should also include a solidly built homeowner’s policy. Offer your experience and skills to build that policy.
  2. Advantages Of Choosing A Local Agent – Introduce yourself to new homeowner’s prospects as a reliable and trustworthy local agent who provides personal service and keeps in mind your clients’ best interests.
  3. Are You Paying Too Much For Home Insurance? – Many homeowners are concerned about the cost of homeowner’s insurance, particularly if they pay the premiums directly. Others, whose premiums are included in the mortgage, may not realize those premiums affect their monthly mortgage payments.
  4. Avoid These Costly Homeowners Insurance Mistakes – Many of the mistakes homeowners can make with their insurance policies can be quite costly and result in the policy holder unnecessarily paying hundreds or thousands of dollars. Explain some of these mistakes to prospects, while inviting them to meet with you to avoid a myriad of expensive mistakes.
  5. Building The Perfect Policy – Acknowledge that each client deserves a policy tailored to his/her budget and lifestyle. Let the client know that you will take the time to listen and consider those variables in order to build the perfect policy.
  6. Every 67 Seconds A Residential Fire Occurs—Are You Sure You Are Properly Covered? – How many times have you heard a homeowner say, “I didn’t know that wasn’t covered.” or “I thought I had coverage for that.” Open the door to discussion of new and current coverage with this letter.
  7. First Time Homeowners Insurance Policy Buying Tips – For most of us, the investment in a home purchase is one of the largest and most important we’ll make. And like any wise investor, first-time homeowners want to assure that such a significant investment is protected. With this letter, you can provide prospects some tips and offer your services to help determine how much insurance coverage they need and what, if any, additional options they should consider.
  8. Flood And Water Damage—What Does A Homeowners Policy Cover – Use this letter to explain some of the intricacies of insurance coverage for flooding and other water damage. Let prospects know you are available to help them determine the specifics of their coverage and what, if any, other coverage should be considered to assure they have the most suitable level of protection at the best price possible.
  9. Homeowners Insurance—What’s Covered And What’s Not – Use this letter to make prospects aware of the need to know the details of what is and is not covered by their homeowners insurance and to offer your expertise in reviewing their policy to make certain they have all the coverage they need.
  10. How Does Homeowners Insurance Protect You – Use this letter to let prospects know the areas typically protected by homeowners insurance, and offer your expertise to help them assure they are adequately and affordable protected.
  11. How Much Homeowners Insurance Coverage Should You Have – Let prospects know some of the questions they must ask themselves in order to assure they have adequate insurance protection for their home and belongings, but aren’t paying for more insurance than they need.
  12. How Often Should You Review Your Homeowners Policy – Remind prospects of the need for regular reviews of their policy to assure it remains a good fit for both their coverage needs and their budget. This letter suggests policy reviews based on four triggering events: 1) policy renewal, 2) major purchases or home improvements, 3) increased home safety, and 4) major lifestyle changes.
  13. Is Your Home Adequately Covered – Asks the potential client if they are sure their current policy adequately covers them. Informs them that you are the agent who will go over policy details to make sure they are protected in any eventuality, so they won’t be left staring at their policy wondering what went wrong.
  14. Make Sure You Don’t Lose The Home You Love – Discusses the prospect’s investment in their home and all the calamities that could take it away from them. Informs them that you can make sure they’re safely covered.
  15. Making Your House A Home – Most homeowners see their homes as more than a shelter; they are emotionally attached to their homes. Introduce yourself in this solicitation letter while also demonstrating your understanding of what a house means to its owners.
  16. Rental Property Insurance—How To Get The Best Coverage At The Best Price – This letter details the importance of rental property insurance and the many benefits it provides. You can use this letter to introduce yourself to prospects and invite them to meet with you for assistance in choosing a policy that provides the best coverage at the best price.
  17. Simple Ways To Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Premiums – Homeowners insurance isn’t one of the first things that comes to mind when looking for ways to save money. Offer prospects both some simple ways to reduce their premiums and your services to help them identify how they can lower the cost of their premiums without sacrificing quality protection.
  18. Your Blueprint For Homeowners Protection—Custom Built Coverage – Let prospects know that you understand that their home is their castle and can give them the expertise and personal attention they deserve rather than taking a “cookie cutter” or “one-size-fits-all” approach. Invite them to meet with you for a thorough evaluation of their needs and to build a policy that is customized to address those needs at an affordable price.

Before choosing a life insurance agent, trust must be established and then proven. This can sometimes be a lengthy process, but with these letters, you will be able to prove yourself to a prospect before you even speak with him/her! Also highlighting the benefits of life insurance and the peace of mind it can bring, these letters are sure to bring you great success.

  1. (General) An Agent You Can Trust – Let prospects know that you are a different kind of agent. You are an agent who earns trust by getting to know each client through personal meetings so that the life insurance you offer matches their individual needs.
  2. (General) Benefits Of Life Insurance – List the primary benefits of having a life insurance policy in place while assuring the prospects that you will design the policies to fit their specific needs and budgets. Guarantee prospects that you will not sell cookie cutter policies.
  3. (General) Does Your Life Insurance Still Fit Your Life – Our circumstances and those of our loved ones change over time. Offers to review the prospect’s current policy to make sure it still fits their needs.
  4. (General) Don’t Leave Your Family Without Leaving Them Covered – Details the many ways in which the prospect’s passing could cause financial ruin for their family, and how you can help them find a policy that leaves their loved ones protected.
  5. (General) Has Your Life Outgrown Your Life Insurance – A number of changes in life circumstances (recent marriage, birth of a child, new home purchase, significant increase in income) can warrant a review of life insurance policies. This letter invites those with life insurance to take advantage of a free life insurance ‘check-up’ to assure their coverage is well-suited to their current lifestyle and circumstances.
  6. (General) How Life Insurance Can Aid In Estate Planning – Although many may not realize it, life insurance can play an important role in estate planning. This letter introduces clients and/or prospects to the valuable tool life insurance can be in allowing heirs the time to make thoughtful estate decisions without the pressure of financial worries.
  7. (General) How The Right Life Insurance Policy Can Give You Peace Of Mind – Encourages clients/prospects to invest in life insurance in order to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing their death will not leave their loved ones in a difficult financial situation.
  8. (General) It’s Never Too Early To Buy Life Insurance – Reminds clients or prospects that it’s never too early to invest in an appropriate life insurance policy and provides examples of how life insurance could be beneficial to them.
  9. (General) Life Can Be Uncertain—Your Family’s Financial Security Doesn’t Have To Be – There are no guarantees in life and the uncertainties have never been more prevalent than in the current economic atmosphere. Life insurance has always been important yet it is even more so today.
  10. (General) Life Insurance For Funeral And Burial Expenses – Reminds clients or prospects to consider at least a smaller policy to pay for funeral and burial expenses and to help offset any estate taxes.
  11. (General) Life Insurance To Protect A Business – In addition to personal reasons for purchasing life insurance, for business owners, life insurance policies can be beneficial in avoiding the financial burdens that could result from the death of a partner or key employee. This letter invites business owners to meet with you to discuss business continuation and/or ‘key man’ life insurance policies.
  12. (General) Peace Of Mind – Offer your clients and prospects a no-obligation discussion of the need for a life insurance policy that will alleviate worry about the future. This letter is a reminder that life insurance provides peace of mind as well as financial security for the surviving family.
  13. (General) Protecting Your Family’s Financial Security – Explains the importance of assuring the family’s financial security in the event of a premature death by providing resources to cover living expenses and debt obligations.
  14. (General) Should Something Happen To You…Is Your Family Covered? – Life insurance is an often-overlooked coverage until it is too late. This letter is designed to cause prospects and clients alike to think about life insurance coverage whether a new policy or a review of a current policy.
  15. (General) Think You’re Too Old To Purchase Life Insurance – Although we typically think of life insurance as being something we purchase when our families are young, it’s never too late to purchase a good life insurance policy.
  16. (General) Why Purchase Life Insurance – Use this letter to provide some of the many reasons people make an investment in life insurance (covering lost income, protecting the family’s financial security, paying off a mortgage, covering funeral and burial expenses, protecting a business, estate planning, retirement planning, and providing funds for a favorite charitable cause) and offer your services in selecting a policy to meet the needs of clients or prospects.
  17. (Equity Indexed Universal Life) No-Risk Wealth-Building – Advises the prospect that an equity indexed universal life policy allows them to combine the profit potential of an investment portfolio with the security of a life insurance policy.
  18. (Equity Indexed Universal Life) Securing The Future – Informs the prospect that equity indexed universal life provides the ultimate investment vehicle for gains while you’re alive and security for your family after you pass.
  19. (Mortgage Life Insurance) Guard Your Castle – Advises the prospect that mortgage life insurance is the best way to ensure that their loved ones continue living in the home and surroundings they’ve grown accustomed to.
  20. (Mortgage Life Insurance) Why You Need Mortgage Life Insurance – Discusses the benefits of mortgage life insurance, and explains why it’s an especially attractive choice for someone with a preexisting medical condition.
  21. (Survivorship) Don’t Let Taxes Tear Down Your Estate – Informs the prospect about survivorship insurance as an ideal vehicle to ensure the prospect’s heirs receive the full value of their estate.
  22. (Survivorship) Protect Your Survivors – Advises the prospect of the many advantages of survivorship life, from paying off estate taxes to helping special needs survivors, while establishing you as the expert to consult for policy decisions.
  23. (Term Life) Are Your Loved Ones Protected? – Asks the prospect if their loved ones will be financially secure in the event of the prospect’s demise, and details how you can offer them a quality term policy at reasonable rates.
  24. (Term Life) Practical Protection For Your Loved Ones – Informs the recipient that purchasing life insurance doesn’t have to be a costly undertaking, and discusses how term life offers an affordable option for quality coverage.
  25. (Variable Universal Life) An Estate Planning Dream – Advises the prospect that variable life insurance offers an ideal vehicle to increase their estate while protecting their loved ones.
  26. (Variable Universal Life) The Investor’s Choice – Discusses how variable life insurance offers an outstanding investment opportunity with unparalleled tax benefits, and presents you as the expert who can best advise them on choosing a policy.
  27. (Whole Life) Coverage That Lasts Your Whole Life – Advises the prospect that whole life offers a secure benefit that never expires, and explains why they should choose you to help find their ideal whole life policy.
  28. (Whole Life) The Secure Choice For Peace Of Mind – Discusses why whole life is a safer bet than term insurance, and explains how you can help the prospect choose the right policy.

Health Insurance is on everyone’s mind. These letters introduce you using friendly, but persuasive, language that initiates trust in you as an agent. They are designed to connect with any type of prospective client to secure you that first contact and get you that sale. That first impression is important to your business and these letters are professionally crafted to make sure your best foot is forward.

  1. (Dental) Keep Your Teeth Clean And Healthy With An Affordable Dental Plan – Provides a reminder of the importance of regular dental checkups to prevention and treatment of oral disease, a nice smile, and overall health.
  2. (General) A Medical Emergency Can Happen At The Blink Of An Eye – Describes sudden medical bills and how you can offer your client the security they need.
  3. (General) Health Insurance Plans Tailored To Your Unique Needs – One size does not fit all when it comes to health insurance. This letter discusses insurance plan options to address individual needs.
  4. (General) Health Insurance You Can Afford – A friendly persuasion to introduce yourself and assure your clients your plans are affordable.
  5. (General) How To Find Health Insurance Coverage After A Job Loss – Invites those who have experienced the loss of a job to allow you to guide them in assuring they have a health care insurance plan that best meets their needs and their budget.
  6. (General) Protect Your Family From Unexpected Medical Costs – An introduction explaining your expertise at offering coverage to avoid high medical bills.
  7. (General) Protect Yourself And Your Loved – Asks the prospect if they and their loved ones are protected in the event of catastrophic illness and all the associated costs. Promises them that you can make sure they’re protected in the event of lost wages and huge medical bills.
  8. (General) The Most Common Cause Of Bankruptcy – Health care expenses are the #1 cause of bankruptcy and a common reason for mortgage default. Urges potential clients to let you make sure they’re protected in the event of a serious health problem.
  9. (General) Women’s Health – Does Your Health Insurance Plan Offer Adequate Coverage – Provides information on plans that cover procedures unique to women, particularly screening procedures including Pap smears and mammograms.
  10. (General) You Need More Than A Security System To Protect Your Family – Explains how, as their agent, you can offer your client protection and peace of mind.
  11. (Self-Employed) Affordable Health Insurance For The Self-Employed – Lets clients know that you understand the difficulties of finding good health insurance and that you offer affordable insurance for those who work for themselves.
  12. (Self-Employed) Let Our Health Insurance Plan Work For You – Informs those who are self-employed of affordable health care coverage options.
  13. (Self-Employed) Managing Health Care And Disability Costs For The Self-Employed – Addresses the needs of the self-employed and small business owners for whom group coverage policies are not an option.
  14. (Seniors) Affordable Health Insurance For Seniors – Empathizes with the unique problems that can arise from not being adequately covered and that you offer affordable coverage.
  15. (Seniors) Benefits Of Having Supplemental Health Insurance – Informs seniors of the importance of having supplemental coverage for expenses not covered by their primary insurance plan or Medicare and for protection from major medical costs.
  16. (Seniors) Health Insurance Plans For Seniors – Presents information regarding health insurance plans focused on the needs of seniors and invites them to take advantage of a free offer to evaluate their current coverage’s suitability to the needs they have now.
  17. (Vision) Protect Your Child’s Vision With Low-Cost Vision Insurance – Informs parents of affordable vision insurance plans to aid them in providing the vision care their children need.

Most of us think of becoming disabled—even temporarily—as an eventuality that only other people have to worry about. But the sobering truth is that a shockingly high percentage of individuals will find themselves unable to work for a significant length of time at some point in their lives. This set of letters brings that reality home to your prospects, while conveying that a quality disability insurance policy often proves the only difference between a relaxed recovery with a sunny future and a terrifying descent into a financial abyss. The letters will also demonstrate your understanding of the intricacies of the field, giving the recipient full confidence that you have the expertise to guide them to a policy that ensures their future financial security, no matter what vicissitudes befall.

  1. (Business Overhead Expense Disability) Protect Your Business And Yourself – Points out the necessity of Business Overhead Expense Disability Insurance to protect not only the prospect’s business but also their personal income, and offers you as the expert to help them choose the most cost-effective policy for their needs.
  2. (Business Overhead Expense Disability) You Are Your Company – Reminds the recipient that they are essential to the survival of their business and offers BOE Disability Insurance as a way to keep the company alive when they are incapacitated.
  3. (Disability Income) Don’t Let A Disability Disable Your Finances – Advises the prospect that a huge percentage of the population will experience disability during their working years, and offers disability income insurance as the way to maintain their finances if disaster strikes.
  4. (Disability Income) You May Not Need This Insurance – Discusses the limited set of individuals who don’t need Disability Income Insurance, then introduces you as the expert who can guide everyone else to a policy that protects their finances if they become disabled.
  5. (General) Accidents Happen – Protect Your Family With Disability Insurance – Encourages clients to protect their family with disability insurance for coverage in the event of an accident that results in temporary or long-term disability.
  6. (Long Term Disability) Don’t Take Chances With Your Future – Advises the prospect of the prevalence of long term disability and the need for an expert such as yourself to make sure they choose a policy that will truly secure their financial safety.
  7. (Long Term Disability) Achieve The Best Outcome By Preparing For The Worst – Discusses the vital need for high quality long term disability insurance to avoid financial disaster, and explains why group policies usually aren’t enough.
  8. (Mortgage Disability) Don’t Be A Sad Statistic – Informs the prospect of just how many foreclosures are the result of a disability and offers mortgage disability insurance as a way to ensure that they never become part of that statistic.
  9. (Mortgage Disability) How To Keep Your Castle – Advises the prospect that their home is their castle only as long as they can pay the mortgage, and explains that mortgage disability insurance is the way to make sure their refuge remains secure if they become disabled.
  10. (Short Term Disability) Don’t Let A Temporary Disability Wreck Your Life – Points out how common temporary disabilities are and how serious the consequences can be without coverage, while presenting you as an expert who will make sure the prospect has a reliable safety net.
  11. (Short Term Disability) Make Sure You’re Covered When It Counts – Discusses the importance of short term disability coverage, and advises the prospect that employer provided plans usually prove inadequate for most individual needs.

Wise investment, financial, and retirement plan decisions are very important. And you possess the knowledge and insight to guide your clients to the investments that will secure their future. But even though you know the ins and outs of financial planning, this knowledge can’t benefit prospective clients unless you make them aware of the quality services you offer. That’s why we’ve carefully craft financial services prospecting letters to entice your future clients. Watch your appointments increase and your clientele grow as these letters capture the attention of your target market, demonstrating your expertise and convincing the prospect that they should choose you to help them with their investment strategy.

  1. (Annuity – Fixed) An Income For Life – Reminds the prospect that with the future of social security more uncertain each day, fixed annuities provide a secure investment income for life, with many advantages over other options.
  2. (Annuity – Indexed) High Gain – Low Risk Investment That’s Right For You– Informs the prospect that you can help them reap the benefits of the stock market while avoiding the risks with tax deferred indexed annuities.
  3. (Annuity – Variable) The High Growth Annuity – Lets the potential client know that you can guide them to variable annuities with high growth potential and limited risk.
  4. (IRA – Simple) The Small Business IRA – Informs prospective clients that a SIMPLE IRA offers small companies the opportunity to offer their employees a quality retirement plan with a minimum of expense and hassle.
  5. (IRA – Roth) When Tax-Exempt Earnings Are Your Goal – Discusses when a Roth IRA makes more sense than a traditional IRA while illustrating to the prospect that you have the knowledge to guide their retirement planning decisions.
  6. (IRA – Traditional) Investment Growth – Informs the prospective client that traditional IRAs are a safe choice with a greater upside and more flexibility than most investors realize.
  7. (Mutual Fund – Asset Allocation) The Future Of Investing – Discusses the advantages of asset allocation funds and the importance of choosing the right fund for such a complicated enterprise, while demonstrating that you have the expertise to guide your clients to the most rewarding funds.
  8. (Mutual Fund – Bond) The Safe Choice For Monthly Income – Informs the prospect that bond funds offer relatively high monthly income combined with diversification, while demonstrating why you have the knowledge to guide them to right fund for their needs.
  9. (Mutual Fund – Money Market) Safety, Income and Liquidity – Displays your knowledge of financial planning by discussing the advantages of money market mutual funds and when they are a particularly attractive investment.
  10. (Mutual Fund – Stock) Stock Market Rewards With Minimal Risk – Explains why stock funds make such an attractive investment, while also demonstrating why the prospect needs you to help choose the right fund for them.

With weather patterns growing more unpredictable every season, there’s never been a greater need for flood insurance than now. But most of your potential clients still believe floods are something that happens to other people or that flood insurance is too expensive for their budget. These professionally written letters will help you show prospects the error of those mindsets, explaining to them that it is much more affordable than they think and, most importantly, that the need for flood insurance is far more urgent than they probably believe. And, of course, each letter is designed to present you as the ideal agent to help match the prospect up with the policy and carrier that will best serve their needs.

  1. Business Flood Insurance – Discusses how most commercial property insurance specifically excludes flood and rising water damage, and why the prospect may be at greater risk of flood damage than they believe.
  2. Don’t Let A Flood Drown Your Finances – Discusses how much damage floods cause every year, and why you are the right agent to make sure the prospect keeps their financial head above water in the event of a natural disaster.
  3. How To Prepare For A Flood – Informs the client of all the reasons why they need flood insurance, why the dangers are greater than ever before, and why waiting until the risk is imminent is too late.
  4. Not Just A Natural Disaster – Discusses how flooding can occur from man-made causes as well as natural disasters, and why the prospect needs to protect themselves against all kinds of water damage.
  5. The Flood Insurance Agent You Can Count On – Explains that many homeowners mistakenly thought their policies covered flood damage when it didn’t, and why you are the right agent to make sure they have a policy they can trust.

Few types of insurance are more important to seniors or the disabled than Medicare Supplement insurance. Unfortunately, many of the seniors who most need this coverage are unaware of its availability. Some don’t even realize their need for it, mistakenly believing Medicare will cover all their costs in the event of a health crisis. These letters have been carefully crafted to help you reach out to prospective clients and convey to them why Medicare Supplement insurance can be vital to their physical and financial health, and why you are the agent they should trust to guide them to the policy that best fits their needs.

  1. Don’t Fall Through The Gap – Informs prospects of the gaps in Medicare coverage, and why they need Medicare Supplement Insurance to protect their health and finances.
  2. Don’t Miss Your Window – Urges prospects to take advantage of the six month window during which they are guaranteed Medicare Supplement insurance at the best possible rates.
  3. Find The Right Policy For You – Discusses how the range of Medicare Supplement policies can be confusing, and advises the prospect that you, as an experienced agent, can guide them to the best policy for their needs.
  4. Save On Medicare Supplement Insurance – Advises the prospect that you are the ideal agent to save them money on their Medicare Supplement Insurance, and explains why you are uniquely qualified to assist them.
  5. What Your Medicare Plan Doesn’t Cover – Informs the prospect of the limitations of their Medicare plan, and how Medicare Supplement insurance can save the day in the event of a health care crisis.

As a commercial insurance specialist, you offer businesses a fantastic opportunity. By enlisting your services, they get the benefit of your superior knowledge of the insurance industry, allowing them to purchase policies that better suit their needs at lower premiums than they could find on their own.

Your challenge is making sure potential clients are aware of your services. Let’s face it, you could be the most knowledgeable, well-connected insurance agent who ever lived, but your talents won’t do you or anyone else any good unless the clients know you are there. These commercial insurance prospecting letters have been carefully designed to catch the attention of their recipients, convince them that employing you will benefit their business, and persuade them to give you a call right away. Each letter is individually crafted for a particular niche market, in order to best target each unique audience with a message they won’t be able to resist.

  1. (Auto) Don’t Cut Corners With Auto Insurance – Informs the prospect why they need commercial auto insurance, and lets them know they should protect their employees and themselves by having someone with your expertise pick the right policy for their needs.
  2. (Auto) Personal Auto Insurance Isn’t Enough – Advises the prospect of the many reasons why relying on employees’ personal auto insurance is a bad idea, and offers to find their company the right policy to protect their interests.
  3. (Auto) The Wrong Auto Insurance Can Crash Your Business – Reminds prospective clients of just how easily an auto accident can happen, and that a collision can damage their company as surely as it crumples a car. Let’s them know that you can make sure they have a policy that protects them.
  4. (Auto) You Need Auto Insurance That Keeps You On The Right Track – Informs potential clients that you understand they’re too busy to invest a lot of time into learning about auto insurance, but failing to have a good policy could be catastrophic. Advises them to delegate this task to you, a specialist who will find them the best coverage for their needs.
  5. (Employment Practices Liability) A Haven Against The Rising Tide – Discusses the rising tide of discrimination, harassment and other employment-related claims, and lets the potential client know that you are an expert who can make sure they are protected with the most cost-effective coverage available.
  6. (Employment Practices Liability) Paved With Good Intentions – Informs the potential client that employment-related lawsuits don’t just arise from malicious behavior, but also over simple misunderstandings. But that doesn’t make them any less costly…
  7. (Employment Practices Liability) Who Needs Employment Liability Insurance – Informs the prospect of a rising tide of employment related lawsuits, and reminds them that even someone who never worked for them can file a claim. Lets them know you are an agent with the expertise to get them the most cost-effective coverage.
  8. (General Liability) A Single Accident Can Trip Up Your Business – Informs the potential client of how much lawsuits cost businesses every year and how much harm even once accident can cause their business if they’re not properly insured. Advises the recipient that you specialize in helping companies like theirs.
  9. (General Liability) Because Accidents Happen – Advises the client about the necessity of general liability coverage for every business in today’s litigious society, and lets them know you are the agent who can find them the best policy for their needs.
  10. (General Liability) Don’t Let Disaster Bring You Down – Illustrates just how easily a lawsuit can happen, and offers your services to the prospect as a specialist who can make the ideal match between company and coverage.
  11. (General Liability) Don’t Neglect Your Liability Insurance – Advises prospective client that cutting costs by neglecting liability insurance can be a fatally expensive gamble. Points out the many types of situations where not having liability insurance can damage their business and encourages them to buy a policy through a specialist such as yourself.
  12. (Health) A Tale Of Two Companies – Discusses how evaluating a company’s health insurance plan can be the difference between a successful business and a collapsing one, and introduces you as the agent with the expertise to guide the prospect to the right policy for their needs and budget.
  13. (Health) Attract The Best Employees With The Best Health Insurance – Advises the prospective client that job hunters with options will always choose the workplace with the best benefits package and that you can set their company up with an affordable health insurance plan that will attract the best candidates.
  14. (Health) Keep Your Costs Down – Informs the prospective client that you can keep their health insurance costs to a minimum even though premiums are going up, because you possess the contacts and expertise to find them the most affordable policy for their needs.
  15. (Health) Reel In The Whiz Kids – Advises the prospect that the most capable and promising hires are increasingly factoring health insurance coverage into their decision about where to work, and you have the expertise to ensure their company purchases the right coverage to attract and keep the most desirable employees.
  16. (Health) To Buy Or Not To Buy – It’s An Easy Question – Discusses how spending money on a comprehensive health insurance plan will generate an exceptional return on investment through greater worker satisfaction and productivity, and lets the prospect know that you can match them up with the right plan to keep their employees healthy and happy.
  17. (Product Liability) Don’t Gamble With Your Future – Discusses how a product liability lawsuit can completely destroy a company, even when the complaint is entirely frivolous, and encourages the prospect to contact you to make sure they’re protected.
  18. (Product Liability) The Stream Of Liability – Advises the prospect that many business owners who don’t think they can be targeted by product liability lawsuits are dangerously mistaken, and illustrates how wide the net of liability can be cast.
  19. (Product Liability) Why You Need Product Liability Insurance – Lays out the case for exactly which companies need product liability insurance and why. Points out the type of events that can lead to a lawsuit and introduces you to the prospect.
  20. (Professional Liability) Mistakes Happen Even When They Don’t – Reminds the prospect that even the most capable individuals make mistakes, and professionals can be sued for malpractice even when they don’t make any mistakes at all. Let’s them know that you are the agent who can match them with the best policy for their needs.
  21. (Professional Liability) The Most Bang For Your Buck – Discusses your experience and knowledge of a complex field, and explains why your expertise enables you to get the most cost-efficient coverage for your clients.
  22. (Professional Liability) Someone You Can Trust – Informs the prospect of the difficulty of finding a quality policy without a multitude of hidden exclusions. Demonstrates your knowledge of the field and why you can be trusted to find your clients policies that really protect them.
  23. (Property) Don’t Let Your Hard Work Go Up In Flames – Informs the prospect about the ease with which catastrophic damage can destroy a business and offers to match them up with the right policy for their company’s needs.
  24. (Property) Keep Those Widgets Spinning – Explains to the prospect how understanding the intricacies of commercial property insurance is essential to selecting the right policy, and why you are the agent to make sure they have the coverage that fits their needs.
  25. (Property) Protect Your Property – Advises the prospect that the right insurance can be the difference between a thriving business and a bankrupt one in the event of a disaster, and offers your services as a specialist who will make sure they choose a policy that protects their interests.
  26. (Property) When You Need Property Protection – Advises the potential client about the importance of commercial property insurance, and why you are the agent who can best select the right policy for their company.
  27. (Workers’ Comp) Be Smart With Your Workers’ Comp Coverage – Informs the prospective client of the significant advantages to be gained through shopping around for the policy that best fits their company’s needs, and explains that you are perfectly positioned to find their ideal policy.
  28. (Workers’ Comp) It’s The Law – Informs the potential client that state regulatory agencies are familiar with most of the usual dodges companies use to avoid buying workers’ comp insurance, and that you have the knowledge to find them a policy they can afford.
  29. (Workers’ Comp) Not Just A Nuisance – Explains to the prospect that workers’ comp insurance offers many benefits to their company beyond regulatory compliance, and that you can match them up with a policy that suits their needs.
  30. (Workers’ Comp) Take Care Of Your Employees – Take Care Of Yourself – Advises the prospective client of how the right workers’ comp policy can minimize premiums and boost company morale, while letting them know that you are the agent who can best match them up with the right policy for their company’s needs.

A referral is one of the most valuable lead types for your insurance business. Referral leads are more cost effective, convert at a higher rate and are less labor intensive. Yet, many businesses fail to ask their valued customers for referrals. Utilize these letters to solicit referrals from your customers and contacts, so that you can grow your business more effectively and efficiently.

  1. [CLIENT NAME] Suggested I Contact You – When another client or associate has referred you to a new individual, this letter establishes contact and lets them know who has recommended you. Establishes credibility and is an excellent method of first contact.
  2. [COMPANY NAME] Referred Us To You – Lets the client know that you’re aware of his choice to move to the area, and extends a friendly offer to assist with his relocation in whatever way he might need.
  3. Request Referrals From An Acquaintance – Leverage networking contacts to build a referral based business!
  4. Request Referrals From Family And Friends – Leverage one of your business’s most valuable assets, your client base, and send this letter to request referrals.
  5. Request Referrals From Past Clients 1 – Request referrals from past clients to enhance your business’s bottom line.
  6. Request Referrals From Past Clients 2 – Reach out to your valuable list of previous clients to build a list of new possibilities!
  7. Request Referrals From Past Clients 3 – Expresses your appreciation in serving as their agent and would be honored to have the opportunity to offer services to their friends or colleagues.

One of the most effective ways to build and maintain your client base is by establishing a strong referral network. Traditionally, this has been especially true when it comes to insurance professionals. With referrals, you have clients guided to your phone or office, complete with a recommendation about the high quality of service you provide. Of course, building your referral network can prove easier to conceive than to execute. That’s where these referral prospecting letters come in. Each letter has been carefully crafted to convey the value of mutual referrals to your fellow professionals, along with the unique value you in particular can offer to someone in their respective field.

  1. Request Referrals From Apartment Managers – Informs apartment managers of the possibilities inherent in mutual referral and how such an arrangement can be advantageous to both parties.
  2. Request Referrals From Appraisers – Explains how a reciprocal referral system can lead to increased income for both parties.
  3. Request Referrals From CPAs – Explains to the CPA why a referral arrangement between the two of you adds up to more business, greater income, and improved client service for both parties.
  4. Request Referrals From Lawyers – Discusses how important referrals are between professionals, not only as a means of expanding clientele but with regards to improving client satisfaction, and illustrates how a referral system between attorneys and insurance agents can work to both parties’ advantage.
  5. Request Referrals From Loan Officers – Discusses how a referral partnership between loan officers and insurance agents is a natural means of expanding the client base for both sides, and advises them of why a partnership with you in particular will be to their advantage.
  6. Request Referrals From Mortgage Brokers – Create professional synergies with mortgage brokers to create a powerful referral network.
  7. Request Referrals From Other Professionals – Seeks a recommendation from another business professional and assures him that any clients he refers will receive the finest care and service possible.
  8. Request Referrals From Professionals You Refer – A way to compliment your local mortgage broker, carpet cleaner, lawn service provider, etc. by letting them know that you refer them to your clients, and asking them to return the favor!
  9. Request Referrals From Property Managers – Details how the similarities between property managers and insurance agents create a useful synergy when it comes to referrals, and why you are the perfect agent to form a referral partnership with.
  10. Request Referrals From REALTORS® – Discusses how a mutual referral network between insurance agents and real estate professionals helps both parties improve their client base for a more prosperous and secure future.
  11. Request Referrals From Title Reps – Elaborates on the advantages of a strong system of referrals, and why an insurance agent such as yourself makes the perfect referral partner for a title representative.

No question about it—even in today’s digital age, the face-to-face meeting is still the vital heart of any insurance professionals’ success. Individual appointments are where clients are won, and deals are closed. Prospects want to see a face and get a sense of who you are. But before you can win them over in person, you have to set the appointment. And once you’ve met, follow-up communications are an essential component of client relationships. And then there are the inevitable unforeseen demands that occasionally necessitate cancellation or rescheduling. And that’s where our letters come in. Want to make sure a change in plans doesn’t result in no meeting at all? Was your arrival unavoidably delayed? We’ve got you covered. Whether it’s requesting an appointment, reminding the prospect of the scheduled time, or following up on a promising meeting, our artfully composed letters are just what you need to start building momentum and keep it going to a successful conclusion.

  1. Apologize For Being Late To Appointment – Sometimes events beyond your control cause you to be late for an appointment. Even though you apologized in person upon arrival, following up with a note of apology shows your professionalism and appreciation.
  2. Appointment Reminder – With everyone so busy and schedules so full, reminding a client or prospect of an upcoming appointment demonstrates professionalism and courtesy. Reminders are a great service and may prevent an embarrassing situation over a forgotten appointment.
  3. Cancel Appointment – Canceling appointments now and then is inevitable. Advising the client or prospect of the need to cancel should be done as soon as possible. While an apology is in order, the door should always be left open for future appointments.
  4. Follow Up After Appointment – Regardless the success of an appointment, a follow up is always in order. A good follow up may sway someone who is on the fence. A good follow up can confirm the new client has made a wise choice.
  5. Postpone Appointment – Although it is never a good idea to postpone a schedule appointment, occasionally the unavoidable happens. Notification of the postponement should be prompt, courteous, and apologetic.
  6. Request An Appointment Following A Cold Call – Cold call follow-ups are critical to an agent’s success. Use this easy-to-personalize follow up letter to request an appointment.
  7. Request An Appointment From A Referral – Contacting referrals should be done with care, professionalism, and acknowledgment of your relationship with the referring party.
  8. Request An Appointment From An Acquaintance – Contact acquaintances and offer your services as an insurance educator without coming across as an aggressive insurance salesperson.
  9. Request An Appointment From Family Or Friends – Requesting appointments with friends and family might have been uncomfortable but no longer with this request letter. An offer to educate opens doors.

Everyone appreciates the expression of gratitude, and this is particularly true in the insurance business. Taking the time to thank a client is an excellent way to demonstrate the kind of caring and attentive insurance professional that you truly are. These thank you letters will go a long way toward not only expressing your gratitude, but your professionalism and dedication as well.

  1. Thank You For The Compliment – When someone pays you or your business a compliment, reach out to let them know how much you appreciate it!
  2. Thank You For The Meeting 1 – Thanks the client for sharing his valuable time with you and tells him how much you enjoyed meeting with him. Expresses your deep enthusiasm toward working with him!
  3. Thank You For The Meeting 2 – Thanks the prospect for taking the time to meet with you, and reiterates the reasons you will be the ideal agent to deliver the results they seek.
  4. Thank You For The Referral 1 – Thanks the recipient for referring a new client and lets him know how much you enjoyed meeting with the individual that he referred. Assures him that the person he referred will receive your finest care and service.
  5. Thank You For The Referral 2 – Nothing is more valuable to your business than a referral! Send this letter out to acknowledge your receipt of the referral as positive reinforcement, in hopes that you will gain more in the near future.
  6. Thank You For The Referral 3 – Lets the recipient know how much you appreciate their referral, and assures them that you’ll go the extra mile for your new client.
  7. Thank You For Your Business 1 – After completing a sale with your client, this letter lets him know how much you appreciate his business and truly enjoyed working with him. Should he ever need assistance in the future, you will be more than happy to help!
  8. Thank You For Your Business 2 – Expresses your appreciation that the client chose you to help them accomplish their goals and offers your services for their future insurance needs.
  9. Thank You For Your Hospitality – When a client provides you with hospitality, send this thank you note as a sign of your appreciation.
  10. Thank You For Your Inquiry 1 – Expresses to the potential client that you know he has many agents to choose from and that you are deeply appreciative of his interest in your services. Invites him to contact you to discuss his needs further.
  11. Thank You For Your Inquiry 2 – Thanks the prospect for inquiring about your services, and explains why you are the ideal agent to help them achieve their goals.
  12. Thank You For Your Suggestion – Don’t just let a suggestion or piece of feedback go unnoticed, let the individual know that you have received it and that you appreciate their thoughts.

Building relationships in any competitive insurance industry is no easy task, especially given the current economic climate. Yet client relationships are often neglected when the focus is on keeping your business afloat.

Don’t let one of the most important aspects of your business pay the price! This series of letters is essential to your collection.

We address the hot topics that are relevant today without overlooking the traditional issues any client may have. After all, building good relationships is the cornerstone to building a successful insurance practice.

  1. Before You Cancel – Don’t let a great client get away! Remind them of all the wonderful services you offer and put the relationship back on track. This letter is the perfect way to ask them to reconsider.
  2. Before You Shop Around – Suspect the “grass is always greener” bug may bite your clients? This letter is the ideally expresses how valuable they are to you, tells them how you can help and save a great client relationship.
  3. Our Staff Is Growing – New Agent Announcement – Let you clients know when you have good news to announce! This letter is ideal for introducing new agents and other staff members. Besides, it’s always a good business practice to keep clients in the loop with company news.
  4. We’re Always Here To Help – If you’ve been out of touch will your regular customers, let them know you’re thinking of them and always there to help. Everyone appreciates being remembered and told how much you value his or her business.
  5. We’re Sorry We Dropped The Ball – Let’s face it—we all make mistakes in business and sometimes errors are unavoidable. But that doesn’t mean a good client relationship should suffer. Here’s a way to apologize, acknowledge their disappointment and make amends. Your clients will love you for it!
  6. Welcome Back – When old clients come back to do business with you again, it’s an opportunity to start fresh. This letter re-welcomes a former customer and lets you tell them how happy you are to have them return.
  7. Welcome New Client – All new clients deserve the red carpet treatment as soon as they choose you to provide their insurance coverage. Here’s an excellent way to say “Welcome!” after they sign on the dotted line and start on the path to a great relationship.

Our policy services letters are a must for any insurance professional in need of a quick and effective way to communicate with clients. They’re perfect for sending a note to hard-to-reach clients, issuing friendly reminders or keeping database information current. If you’ve been looking for a professional letter that can easily be customized with your own personal touches in no time—this series is it!

  1. Coverage Review – Sometimes a client needs a nudge to consider additional coverage or insuring new property and possessions. This letter is perfect way to suggest a review.
  2. It’s Almost Time To Renew – Here’s a friendly reminder for established clients. Let them know how much you appreciate their business with a letter that also tells them well in advance when it’s time to renew!
  3. Please Update Your Information – It’s easy to lose track of clients and keep up with all their changes. Here’s a letter that let’s them know you’re organized and interested in their business by keeping current information. It’s also the perfect opportunity to suggest a coverage review.
  4. Policy Changes – Policy changes are sometimes inevitable as life events happen. Here’s an ideal general insurance letter to share that information while you add the details.
  5. We Can Now Provide Other Insurance Services – There’s nothing more exciting than watching your business grow and announcing new services! This letter will help you send out the message and make the phones ring!
  6. We Tried To Reach You – Having trouble reaching a client? Is your database of contact information outdated or inaccurate? A friendly letter is an efficient way to get your clients to pick up the phone and get your message across!

There are life events that everyone experiences at one time or another. When one or more of those events happen in our clients’ lives, we often want to share a note to offer congratulations, encouragement or a simple word of support. But expressing the right sentiments to clients can be a difficult thing to do for many agents.

This series of letters is carefully designed to deliver the perfect sentimental expression for nearly all of life’s occasions—from the wonderful celebration of a wedding or birth to the inevitable loss of a loved one. The words are personal and warm, yet appropriate for formal and informal business relationships.

With the Sentiment Series, every client is bound to appreciate your thoughtfulness.

  1. Birth Or Adoption – Share the joy of a new family member, whether by birth or adoption, with this thoughtful note. It’s an ideal way to say “Welcome to the world!”
  2. Birthday – Everyone loves a birthday greeting! Clients of all ages will love receiving this warm note when you remember their special day.
  3. Encouragement – There are times when we are all at a loss for when a client is experiencing a difficult time in life. This letter is sure to convey thoughtful sentiments and lend a little cheer.
  4. Engagement – Share your excitement and congratulate the newly engaged couple on their happy news!
  5. Get Well – Here’s a great letter that will brighten someone’s day during an illness or injury. It’s also a lovely way to let a client know you’re there if they need you.
  6. Graduation – Every new graduate will appreciate hearing, “Well done!” This note is a sincere expression of congratulations.
  7. Job Promotion – Congratulations are definitely in order here! Recognize your client’s achievements and tell them how happy you are for their good fortune.
  8. New Job – It’s a tough job market out there! When a client lands a new job, it’s time for a congratulatory letter that sends them off to a new venture with the best of wishes!
  9. Wedding – Like an engagement, this occasion is even more reason to let a happy couple know how delighted you are for them. The newlyweds will appreciate this thoughtful gesture.
  10. Sympathy – This warm note is a perfect way to express condolences to client. Let them know they are in your thoughts and prayers when they experience the loss of a loved one.

There’s no substitute for friendly and thoughtful correspondence, and the holidays offer an excellent opportunity to communicate with existing or potential clients! These specially crafted holiday letters will allow you to extend a courtesy to your clients or prospects while establishing or maintaining communication with them! It’s a fun and festive way to make the most out of the holiday seasons.

  1. Birth Or Adoption – Share the joy of a new family member, whether by birth or adoption, with this thoughtful note. It’s an ideal way to say “Welcome to the world!”
  2. Birthday – Everyone loves a birthday greeting! Clients of all ages will love receiving this warm note when you remember their special day.
  3. Encouragement – There are times when we are all at a loss for when a client is experiencing a difficult time in life. This letter is sure to convey thoughtful sentiments and lend a little cheer.
  4. Engagement – Share your excitement and congratulate the newly engaged couple on their happy news!
  5. Get Well – Here’s a great letter that will brighten someone’s day during an illness or injury. It’s also a lovely way to let a client know you’re there if they need you.
  6. Graduation – Every new graduate will appreciate hearing, “Well done!” This note is a sincere expression of congratulations.
  7. Job Promotion – Congratulations are definitely in order here! Recognize your client’s achievements and tell them how happy you are for their good fortune.
  8. New Job – It’s a tough job market out there! When a client lands a new job, it’s time for a congratulatory letter that sends them off to a new venture with the best of wishes!
  9. Wedding – Like an engagement, this occasion is even more reason to let a happy couple know how delighted you are for them. The newlyweds will appreciate this thoughtful gesture.
  10. Sympathy – This warm note is a perfect way to express condolences to client. Let them know they are in your thoughts and prayers when they experience the loss of a loved one.
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Force-Placed Homeowners Insurance And How To Avoid It
Home-Based Businesses – Including Your Business In Your Home Insurance
How Homeowners Insurance Values Your Property
How Much Home Insurance Do I Really Need
How To Shop For Homeowners Insurance
How Your Homeowners Policy Protects You From Lawsuits
Keeping Good Records For Insurance
Protecting Your Home From Loss Due To Thief
The Top Things You Didn’t Know About Your Homeowners Insurance
Tips and Tricks To Saving Money On Your Home Insurance
Using Your Home Insurance As A Tax Deduction
What Most Homeowners Insurance Doesn’t Cover
When To File A Home Insurance Claim 1
When To File A Home Insurance Claim 2

Choosing Your Life Insurance Policy Beneficiaries
Factors Affecting Life Insurance Premiums And Qualification
How Much Life Insurance Do You Need
How Much Will Your Policy Really Cost
Life Insurance – Advance Directives And Your Will
Life Insurance and Annuity Investments – Choosing The Right Balance For You
Life Insurance And Major Life Changes
Life Insurance And Retirement – Re-evaluating Your Policy
Should You Buy Life Insurance For Your Child
The Two Main Types Of Life Insurance
Tips For Choosing A Life Insurance Policy
Understanding The Different Types Of Life Insurance Policies
Universal Life Insurance And Cash Accumulation
What Is Covered In A Life Insurance Medical Exam
What Is Term Life Insurance And Is it Right For Me
What Term Length Is Right For Me
What To Expect On Your Life Insurance Medical Exam
When Should I Buy Life Insurance
Why You Can’t Afford Not To Have Life Insurance
Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Get Life Insurance

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