Coverage Review Letter

Dear [NAME],

Isn’t it amazing how quickly things change? Our family grows larger or smaller over the years, and the size of our home usually changes with it. It seems we’re always renovating, moving, upsizing, or downscaling to meet our needs. We buy new things, replace the old with the new, or sometimes add those well-deserved little luxuries along the way.

It can be easy to forget one of the most important things to consider as our lives, property, and possessions continue to change. Your insurance coverage should change and grow with you whenever these life events happen. Whether you’ve upgraded your computer, bought a new camera, or changed neighborhoods, it may be time to review your current policy.

Let us help make those insurance decisions with you with a complimentary policy review. We promise to make it as easy and convenient as possible. Call us today for an appointment at [PHONE]. It could be one of the best moves you’ll make this year!




Thank You For
Your Inquiry Letter

Dear [NAME],

Many thanks for expressing an interest in my services. I realize there are numerous agents you might have chosen so I greatly appreciate the opportunity to fulfill your insurance needs. I would consider working with you to achieve your goals both an honor and a privilege.

Feel free to contact me anytime at [PHONE], or visit my Web site at [WEB ADDRESS] for more information.

I truly look forward to fulfilling all of your insurance needs!




Life Insurance
Prospecting Letter

Dear [NAME],

One of the best things about life insurance is the way that it offers something that is very hard to find: peace of mind.

Life insurance enables you to live your life to the fullest without worrying about whether or not your loved ones will have the financial security they need in the future. You will know with certainty that they will be cared for and protected from any future financial difficulties that may arise.

Financial security for one’s family is an immense gift indeed—and yet it is so much simpler to attain than most people realize. The key to acquiring this success and peace of mind is to establish an excellent life insurance policy that is perfectly attuned to the needs of your family.

I can help—as an established insurance agent with [YEARS] years of experience, my goal is to provide each and every one of my clients with a tailor-made policy that perfectly suits his or her needs.

You deserve the peace of mind that a good policy can afford, and so do your loved ones. Why not visit my Web site [WEB ADDRESS] or give me a call today at [PHONE] to discuss your options? There’s no obligation to buy. I just want to show you how I can help.




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Auto Insurance Article

Do You Need An Auto Insurance Agent?

Many insurance companies today don’t sell their policies through agents, but directly from the company either online or over the phone. It might seem that having an agent to help you purchase auto insurance is a thing of the past, but don’t discount the insurance agent just yet. There are some very good reasons to consider using an insurance agent for your auto policy purchase.

Agents Know Their Products

Many of the customer service representatives who handle the phones at large insurance companies know the basics of auto insurance policies, enough to help you select and purchase one. But insurance agents, especially those who have been around for a while, understand a lot more about coverage and policy limits. They can share with you a wealth of knowledge that will ensure you not only get the right policy, but the best rate and a good understanding of what you are paying for. An agent will help you select the best possible coverage limits to fit your needs.

Agents Are On Your Side

If the day comes when you need to file a claim, it’s always good to have someone who is truly on your side. Especially in a complicated claim, your agent can walk you through the process and be there to answer all your questions. An agent is also there to step in when there are disagreements with the adjuster or other involved parties at the insurance company. Because your agent knows all about the policy and how the claims process works, they will better be able to negotiate and discuss claims issues with your adjuster.

Agents Keep Your Policy Accurate

A good agent will take the time to review your policy regularly and make sure that everything is accurate and you are still carrying the coverage you need. An agent knows when changes in your life might affect your insurance coverage needs, such as a marriage or a child reaching driving age. Large insurance companies simply can’t provide that level of personal attention.

Are Agents More Expensive?

There is a general view that an insurance policy purchased through an agent will cost more than one purchased directly. That isn’t necessarily true. The best rate for you may well be one from an agency, so don’t discount quotes from agents when you are shopping for car insurance. You might get the best rate along with the service an agent can provide.

You might not feel that you need an agent for your auto insurance, but there are certainly some very good reasons to take the time to meet with a few and see if it turns out to be right for you.

Health Insurance Article

The Difference Between
HMO And PPO Health Plans

When you are shopping for a health plan, you will run into two main categories: HMO and PPO. These two different methods of managing your health care each have their own pros and cons, and it’s important to know the differences before you make a decision as to which type of plan you would like to sign up for.

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

An HMO is a type of managed health care program in which all services are provided by the main HMO company, and only doctors who are members can provide you with care. Under an HMO plan, you will be required to select a primary care physician who will be in charge of your health care. All referrals to specialists will be made through this primary doctor, and only to other doctors who are also a part of the HMO.

HMO coverage is often more affordable, with lower monthly premiums, lower co-pays, and lower out of pocket costs overall. The downside, however, is that you are limited to the doctors who are members of the HMO, and any doctor you see outside this group will not be covered at all, except in an emergency situation. You will also have to rely on your primary care physician for everything, and can’t see a specialist without a referral.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

A PPO is a health care plan that allows quite a bit more freedom that an HMO can offer. Doctors fall into two categories: in-network and out-of-network. An in-network doctor, also called a participating provider, will be covered at a higher rate than a doctor who is not a member of the PPO. Unlike an HMO, however, a PPO plan will cover any out-of-network doctor or service, albeit at a lower rate than the in-network allowance.

PPO plans don’t usually require a referral from a primary care physician in order to see a specialist. You can make an appointment with any doctor you choose at any time, bearing in mind only that you will pay more out of pocket if the doctor is not a participating provider. A PPO plan is usually quite a bit more expensive than an HMO, but gives you much more freedom. Co-pays and co-insurance amounts may be higher, with higher premiums as well.

How To Choose

Whether you choose an HMO or a PPO depends on your needs as well as your family’s health care requirements. If having your choice of doctors is less important to you than affordable monthly premiums, an HMO might be a great choice. If you value the freedom to choose and don’t mind paying more for the privilege, look at a PPO. You should be sure to compare the actual coverage on each policy before making a decision. What is covered is just as important as the type of plan.

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